December 9, 2015

About Us



-A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency-

Our History

UpTurn Agency was founded in 2016 by Kevin Petersen, Amanda Holt and Sydney Martinelli in the midtown district of Reno, NV.

These 3 Bay Area savvy business leaders developed this marketing agency while managing a private equity fund, Webfolio Management.  While talking with online business owners, there seemed to be a constant issue with the lack of marketing resources available.  When finding one solution, another issue would find its way to the gap in communication with customers.  While participating in a rose-bud-thorn meeting, the 3 thinkers challenged each other to come up with a solution to all their marketing problems… and that was it!  The world needed one place to go to for all marketing resources.  Soon the mission became to first answer their own marketing challenges and then apply those real-time solutions to a broader based platform.  UpTurn Agency became a hit after making its first appearance at the ICON conference in Phoenix, AZ.  After attending the conference, UpTurn Agency had their first client, Leaf Detective, and were on their journey to solve the largest challenges in marketing.

UpTurn Agency has grown into a progressive agency that can find creative solutions to real world questions!


 Our Portfolio of Client Industries

 seo companies
software companies
pr firms
advertising agencies
technology companies
web developers


Our Corporate Leadership Team



Chief Executive Officer

Agency Founder, Kevin Petersen, is a marketing guru with more than 20 years’ experience.  Given his highly entrepreneurial spirit he launched UpTurn Agency in 2016, alongside a group of highly professional millennials. 

Kevin balances his time between consulting to Fortune 500 companies including Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Barclay’s Global Investors, Kelly Services, Caesar’s Entertainment and insurance membership company AAA— and launching highly successful online ventures.  He welcome’s you to enter the world of marketing through a new digital lens and encourages you to join in on the conversation! Learn how you too can build your Marketing Ecosystem™.

Personal Notes:

  • Biggest Accomplishment: “Founding successful companies that have paved the way for entrepreneurs.”
  • Quote: “Blaze your own path. STOP CHASING GOOGLE!”
  • Guilty Pleasure Song: “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails

Amanda Holt

Chief Operations Officer

In July of 2016, Amanda Holt was named Chief Operations Officer of UpTurn Agency; overseeing the management of project production, general operations and employee training.  She is a co-founder of UpTurn Agency and remains a visionary in the organization.  

Amanda has over 15 years of real-life experience in design and customer relationships.  Her passion allows her to whole-heartily put her creativity into works.  She is a world recognized graffiti artist (Artist_One) who cultivated and ignited the innovative hashtag I AM ART. She has paved the way for many successful projects and roadmaps alike.

Personal Notes:

  • Most Inspirational Moment: “Assisting many people to not only create art, but helping them realize they are artists.”
  • Quote: “I don’t do art, I am art.”
  • Power Song: “Holiday” by Madonna

Sydney Martinelli

Chief Financial Officer

In July of 2016, Sydney Martinelli was named Chief Financial Officer of UpTurn Agency.  Previously, Sydney served as the Service and Finance Manager for Webfolio Management.   In that role, she oversaw customer service and finance for a portfolio of companies.  During her time at UpTurn Agency, Sydney has initiated the employee team building program, along with other company operational effectiveness programs.  Her responsibilities expand to over-looking finance, investor relations, client relationships, business finance, contracting, legal, financial planning, strategic initiatives and compliances.  Sydney has over 10+ years of experience in crunching numbers and paying attention to detail.

Personal Notes:

  • Most Motivating Aspect of Role at UpTurn: “Knowing that I will learn something new every single day.”
  • Quote: “If you own a business and want to see your marketing metrics grow… You are in the market for an UPTURN!”
  • All-Time Favorite Song: “Jagged Little Pill” by Alanis Morsette