Re-birth of a Brand: MediZap

MediZap wants to:

Bring their branding “from the Carson Valley to Silicone Valley”

Bradley Coushman, Director of Communications for MediZap.

MediZap is a Bio-Tech agency located in Carson City, NV.


MediZap has chosen UpTurn to help them re-brand.


We are delighted to show you this branding journey.

Client:  MediZap

Completed:  September 2017

Designer:  Amanda Holt, Chief Operations Officer and Visual Director for UpTurn Agency.



Final Pass:

Branding Proposal:

For this proposal the Director of Communications and our Chief Operations Officer met onsite with the CEO of MediZap.  

MediZap had the opportunity to choose between two finalized designs.

Here are the chosen finalists for this branding journey:


Journey Design:

Final Design:



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