December 6, 2015

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The Components of The Marketing Ecosystem™


Brand Amplification

SEO & Syndication

It’s okay for you to tell your story, but it’s better if someone else tells it and they tell it to others who tell it to others.  The idea behind our approach is to strengthen your SEO and put your brand in the hands of the people who will amplify your story.  Get more than just a Google AdWords campaign by experiencing our strategic amplification funnel.  Working alongside other companies dedicated to growth, our team of producers uses a diverse portfolio of platforms to syndicate innovative campaigns.  Let’s face it, our process will increase your odds of gaining over-all brand awareness.

Social Media

Social Media Campaign Management

We promote your stories, events and news through social channels in a way that will increase online exposure.  UpTurn gives your content the opportunity to take on a life of its own and pushes for an increase in an organic following, paid impressions and overall reach.  Our clients have come to realize that their swiftest return on investment comes with our social media ecosystem.  We help you build, execute and then manage necessary campaigns that break your stories into sound bites that are easily broadcasted online.


Database Marketing

Customer Relationship Management & Direct Marketing

We are experts in database marketing and no project is too large!  Our team models big data and isolates key customer attributes that drive response; maximizing the performance of all your Marketing Ecosystem™ funnels.  UpTurn even goes as far as personally managing relationships when clients need a lending hand.  If you have ever felt like your company could improve response rates, initiate conversions through better targeting and smarter segmentation, then request an initial consultation and we’ll build a program that works for you.


Content Curation

Press Releases, Writing & Campaign Creation

Creating routine news, social commentary, press releases and blog entries can become backburner tasks.  Luckily, we have energetic, writing-happy designers who thrive on producing solid content.  Your custom content is set-up in a plug-and-play content library (shared site) where your resources can have access for future reference.  UpTurn uses A/B testing when creating campaign content and reviewing trends.  Providing statistical analytics comes along with this creative and crucial component.

Creative Production

Design, Branding, Animation & Print

Building your creative suite is hard enough when putting all of your ideas, concepts and brainstorming into action. After our initial concept meeting, let UpTurn take the time to innovate each aspect of the production pipeline.  Our team covers this creative corner with design, branding, animation and print.  Our expertise cover a wide range of industry image “feels”.  There’s no concept we cannot create.

Face-To-Face Brand Awareness

Events, Advertising

Meeting prospects and potential investors in person is often the way to go when expanding your brand awareness.  People feel a stronger sense of loyalty when putting a face to a brand name.  With countless events under our belt, UpTurn takes the cake when preparing for a company event.  We have covered events including tradeshows, exhibits, company parties, workshops, lectures and all the way down to simple board meetings.  These events parallel alongside our funnel of advertising.  Promoting companies and products has been a niche we deeply cover through award-winning audio and visual aids.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing

Most companies don’t understand the benefits of affiliate marketing.  We are here to guide you through this tedious and rewarding process.  Whether you want to build your own affiliate program or just be apart of one, we have got ya’ covered.  This is another easy way increase your overall profits without investing much time.

Technical Work

IS&T, Software & App Development

Technical issues are the most stressful part of any online company.  UpTurn has designed a “hands-free” culture for any company wanting to hand over their aggravating issues.  If you’re not as shy with software, then give us the keys to great an eye-catching app and go mobile!  Whether novice or expert UpTurn is here to optimize your Marketing Ecosystem™ and help your business GROW!

Audience Engagement

Newsletter & E-mail Marketing

UpTurn has a passion for keeping up with current content.  Our team of experts spend countless hours online staying ahead of the curve and keeping current to design the next trend.  Designing graphics and timelines are something we enjoy doing alongside cultivated relevant articles and e-mails for your customers.  We enjoy building, strengthening and engaging your loyal audience, we want to make your brand more familiar.  This component is an effective way to increase sales conversions online and communicate directly with your audience.

Increase Optimization

Website Optimization & Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing traffic is a key factor in making an UpTurn in your business.  The traffic on your site is a direct indication of your conversion rates.  Shoppers need to know who you are and what you have to offer.  But, they must first land on your home page, show an interest and ultimately convert into a customer.  Our trick is to tweak websites to out-perform traffic, speed, conversion rates, sell-throughs and ROI’s.  We have partnered up with Picreel to increase your website engagement and increase your conversions.  This component of our Marketing Ecosystem™ has been rated and recommended by companies such as: Forbes, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.

Testing Complex Patterns & Trends

A/B Testing, Statistics & Analytics

Having these specifics makes all the difference when making campaign decisions.  Compiling statistics and analytics is a monthly must for company direction and growth.  UpTurn has proven success through showcasing experiences, testing campaigns, while delivering analytics, to show the company’s actual direct audience and forecast.  If you already have campaigns that are implemented into your syndicated system, awesome!  Let us test them out to show you how effective they are, or if they are in need of an UpTurn!



UpTurn proudly partners with New World Podcasting to produce, edit and distribute customized podcasts for syndication.  Our network of over 1,500+ channels allows UpTurn to get your audio and (or) video podcast infront of a massive audience.  Backlinks and a written summary are included in this infamous component of our Marketing Ecosystem™.  Check out NWP to watch or listen to our network of podcasts.

Mentor Program

Business Coaching

Never under estimate the power of what you can do for your own company.  If handing over the reigns seems a little too risky, let us guide you on how to manage your own Marketing Ecosystem™.  We can be as little or as involved as your want.  Weekly meetings give us the time to walk you through our bag of tools.  Let UpTurn give you the keys to drive successfully and help you GROW!


We uniquely tailor packages for your brand.  Let us give you a complimentary brand review to see the gaps in your marketing funnel.

$1,500 monthly minimum | single service pricing available

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