18 Reasons why you should start a podcast.

Why should you start a podcast? 1. Simply, so you can be seen as an expert. We recently were contracted to do an podcast for Picreel, to shine a spotlight on their successfully clients. Along doing so we have been able to re-connect with New World Podcasting  and ultimately they have contracted us to do podcasting work[…]

OPN PR Superstar Podcast Kickoff!

UpTurn Agency is thrilled to announce that Online PR Media  will be using UpTurn to produce their PR Superstar Podcast! This podcast will kick-off in September and will feature three PR stories each month. Online PR Media has a reputable list of clients, that use their PR services on the regular. If you are interested in[…]

Picreel’s First Customer Success Podcast

  We are so excited to show you the brand new Customer Success Podcast from Picreel! Alongside kicking off their #FreeLeadsForAYear contest earlier this month Picreel is really focusing on driving brand awareness to the phenomenal success their clients have been having while using the software! Picreel is a powerful CRO tool that uses sophisticated[…]

New World Podcasting

UpTurn Agency is thrilled to announce that New World Podcasting will begin to implement their very own Marketing Ecosystem™ New World Podcasting was created to meet the needs of businesses looking explore this new world of media. Their main studio is in Reno Nevada, with a satellite studio in Boston, and their state of the art mixing and[…]

To produce podcast with UpTurn

  Picreel has been having TREMENDOUS customer success these past couple of months, increasing their audience reach up to 70%. They are so thrilled to shine the spotlight back onto their client’s success, they have asked us to create a Customer Success Showcase Podcast series for them. We are thrilled to announce production of this[…]