How To Use Content To Increase Conversions

When you hear people talking about Content Marketing they are usually focused on getting more traffic. Sure, Content Marketing is great for building authority, getting backlinks and generally improving traffic. But that’s not all it’s good for. Content Marketing is a powerful tool for improving conversion rates. And don’t think that conversion is a less glamorous option[…]

18 Reasons why you should start a podcast.

Why should you start a podcast? 1. Simply, so you can be seen as an expert. We recently were contracted to do an podcast for Picreel, to shine a spotlight on their successfully clients. Along doing so we have been able to re-connect with New World Podcasting  and ultimately they have contracted us to do podcasting work[…]

OPN PR Superstar Podcast Kickoff!

UpTurn Agency is thrilled to announce that Online PR Media  will be using UpTurn to produce their PR Superstar Podcast! This podcast will kick-off in September and will feature three PR stories each month. Online PR Media has a reputable list of clients, that use their PR services on the regular. If you are interested in[…]

Picreel’s First Customer Success Podcast

  We are so excited to show you the brand new Customer Success Podcast from Picreel! Alongside kicking off their #FreeLeadsForAYear contest earlier this month Picreel is really focusing on driving brand awareness to the phenomenal success their clients have been having while using the software! Picreel is a powerful CRO tool that uses sophisticated[…]

New World Podcasting

UpTurn Agency is thrilled to announce that New World Podcasting will begin to implement their very own Marketing Ecosystem™ New World Podcasting was created to meet the needs of businesses looking explore this new world of media. Their main studio is in Reno Nevada, with a satellite studio in Boston, and their state of the art mixing and[…]

To produce podcast with UpTurn

  Picreel has been having TREMENDOUS customer success these past couple of months, increasing their audience reach up to 70%. They are so thrilled to shine the spotlight back onto their client’s success, they have asked us to create a Customer Success Showcase Podcast series for them. We are thrilled to announce production of this[…]