Knowing Your Popularity on Instagram

Knowing Your Popularity on Instagram   Social media campaigns are crucial when growing your brand. You want your voice to transcend and reach your target audience. Billions of people are already using Instagram, and reaching this audience has required companies to know how to optimize Instagram. But how do you know if you are popular[…]

UpTurn Takes Elemis Corp to A4M

UpTurn Agency is excited to be assisting Elemis Corporation with booth marketing materials for the 24th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging (A4M)! Elemis Corporation is globally known for providing superior hormone pellet therapy trocar insertion devices and trocar kits tailor made to fit anyone’s personal procedural preference. This will be the second time that they[…]

Online PR News to promote new PR package!

Online PR News, Reno, NV, October 22, 2016 UpTurn Agency to produce an “Anchor Style” PR sample for OPN. To be used to promote Picreel’s Free Leads For A Year Sweepstakes, for sample demo. Online PR News customers will be able to add this feature to enhance the value of their press release and all[…]