Sights get set high around the UpTurn office, but nothing prepared us for the abundance of rewarding hurdles the year brought. Alongside blood, tears, and many all nighters, our team has mastered more than what was sought out for in 2017. Once our team started executing the year’s campaigns, we were prepared for growth, but were shocked when we were shown so much more love than expected. Between meeting clients left coast local and hiring exciting new employees, UpTurn has also closed the loop on many stimulating projects.

A few of our project highlights include:

MediZap: The Birth of a Brand
The Law Offices of Stan E. Riddle: Rebranding Journey
Elemis Corporation: SEO & CRO Campaigns
Jeff Dow Photography & Motion: Became a Social Media Influencer
Our Center: Volunteer Support & Design
Picreel: Viral Social Media Campaigns
Leaf Detective: Best of Humboldt 2017

Our team took a couple days off to celebrate the year in style at Pacifica Beach Hotel in Pacifica, CA during their yearly executive summit. Our executives use this time to review the previous year’s P&L, campaign strategies, employee reviews, budget, yearly goals, and upcoming marketing events. This summit allows our company leaders to drive corporate performance for the following year.

Thank you to our outstanding clients and amazing rockstars for making this all of this happen.

Cheers to 2018 and another prosperous year!