WebfolioURLbackgroundWho is in the think tank for your marketing strategy? Have you (like many people) hired an ad agency to take care of your advertising, seo and google ranking, a design firm to brand you and of course are you spending countless hours online trying to do your own social media marketing? If you are like many businesses getting started you need to take a second and think about creating and maintaining your own Marketing Ecosystem™ What this means is, do NOT spend time, energy or efforts on tasks that ultimately are better suited in someone else’s hands. Although, you may think you have all of the time in the world, the truth is “time is money,” the reality of the situation is how much is your time worth?

At UpTurn we believe in your dreams and your abilities to turn the water into wine. We see you have an idea, opinion, product, app, website, or even thought and we want to help you get eyes, ears, hands and ultimately, hearts to buy into you; your brand and your value. In order to do this we have to be sure that you the client has the time to focus on the ‘nitty-gritty’ instead of worrying about who is running your social media, advertising, branding, event campaigns and if they are going to post today, how and who will be responding, etc. Aside from simply respecting your time, energy and efforts (which we most definitely do) we want to help you grow your business. We want to drive traffic to your websites. We want to help you develop your bottom line, increase your dividends, enhance your profits…bottom line, we want to see you succeed.

We have developed an ‘arsenal of success’ a niche if you will in the marketing world that has allowed us to utilize some powerful CRO, SRO, and SEO tools as our very own, we now offer you these same–proven tools. With a phenomenal twist, we can sell you these tools, teach you how to use them or simply recommend, implement and manage them for you. We in short have the abilities to help your business grow. If you are in need of simple design solutions to keep your brand at the cutting edge of success, we can implement and manage your brand’s identity and overall voice.

Which leads us to another overwhelming topic:





At UpTurn we can create the voice of your brand, act as an authority for that voice and ultimately design the content that you will be able to source across your channel network. If it is a newsletter you are looking for, awesome! We are able to produce and manage your newsletter lists in house. Is it a commercial you need to gain exposure? Awesome, we have a reputation of being able to provide high level audio and video content to be able to promote your brand as you see fit. At UpTurn we are able to produce, edit and distribute your content, if you are interested in learning more about growing your own Marketing Ecosystem™ download a copy of our book Building Your Own Marketing Ecosystem written by our CEO, Kevin Petersen. We can produce, edit and distribute your content, curious to learn more about UpTurn and how we can help your business grow?

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