1. Simply, so you can be seen as an expert.

We recently were contracted to do an podcast for Picreel, to shine a spotlight on their successfully clients. Along doing so we have been able to re-connect with New World Podcasting  and ultimately they have contracted us to do podcasting work for them and for them and together we will syndicate through our PR network Online PR News and ultimately be able to deliver complete authority in the world of podcasting. So, we obviously jumped to the opportunity to help push New World Podcasting to the next level. For you… how we can help you be seen as an export your field? Simple. We can create, edit and distribute your podcasts for you via New World Podcasting. Below we will identify what producing a podcast with UpTurn can do for your brand/website/company.

2. You will be seen as reliable when your produce on a regular basis.

If you continue to speak, in PR it is a fact that people will listen. Make your mark, become the expert!

3. Loyal Audiences.

Find a way to interact with your audience that is direct and personal to them.

4. More Sales – More Leads

This is something that again should be a no brainer, but sometimes we forget. Sales is always a numbers game. The more people you can talk to you…the best outcome.

5. Bigger Audience

Check out a video/audio podcast we have produced through New World Podcasting for Picreel.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 12.40.49 PM

6. Better Understanding of Your Customer

You can use it as a learning tool while you interview them, ask them questions and learn from their answers.

Global Audience

7. Reach a Global Audience

This should seem like a known fact, but it is still like magic. The internet has the ability to connect the entire world through information systems…let’s use it to connect with each other!

8. Extra Income


9. Make Friends

It is easy for people to interact through the internet, make it even easier with a message to them via podcast.

10. Become the Media

It is a great way to become the voice of authority on an issue, matter or topic of conversation!

11. There is no spam in Podcasting

You determine what you watch. Simple as that.

12. Consuming Podcasts Is Getting Easier

Apple is recommending people download their Podcasts app, there are MULTIPLE podcast management applications on Apple devices, Android, and Blackberry. Companies like Stitcher have eliminated the downloading of podcasts and now people just stream them over their phone. With blue tooth technology and auxiliary inputs built into car stereos, playing your podcast in the car is now easier than ever. Libsyn reported  1.64 billion podcast downloads to over 50 million people in 2011. That’s billion with a “b.” Libsyn is only one provider.

13. Everything is Going Digital

Why should’t you? It is a wonderful way to broaden your Word-Of-Mouth credit. In just a few keystrokes you can really get a digital conversation going!

14. Audio Podcasts Allow People To Multitask

Let’s face it, sometimes people do NOT want to see you! They just need to hear a little bit and that is fine. The beauty with a podcast is that it is visual and it can also be video–but, it doesn’t have to be!

15. Podcasting is INTIMATE

16. Why Not? Podcasting is Inexpensive to Start Up…

We can get you started with New World Podcasting today! You don’t even need to produce, edit or distribute your own podcast…they will take care of it for you!

17. You Can Finally Be The Big Fish in Small Pond!

You can add one more to the 70 million wordpress blogs, or 39 milloin tumblr blogs wikipedia says the number is closer to 156 million or you can start a podcast and be in a smaller podcasting pool (estimated in the hundreds of thousands) where you can connect much more deeply with tone of voice, and visual images.

18. Your Audience Is Waiting!

37 Million people have gym memberships.  CNet reported that Apple is going to end up selling 1 billion iOS devices by 2015 and already 410 million of these devices have been sold. CNet reported that 500 million Android devices have already been activated. There are also 97 million people who drive alone every day to work. With more people owning smartphones, podcast consumption will be going up. The U.S. podcasting audience is ballooning, and eMarketer projects that growth will continue at least through 2013. By then, there will be 37.6 million people who download podcasts monthly, more than double the 2008 figure of 17.4 million. As a percentage of Internet users, podcast downloaders are expected to grow from 9% in 2008 to 17% in 2013