Becoming an entrepreneur comes with many layers of revelation. Tireless nights of working on projects are common and encouragement comes… Well, when you push yourself beyond exhaustion.  In order to keep your life as an entrepreneur sane, every day has to have a routine that stays consistent, even in other areas of life.  Maintaining these habits can steer average entrepreneurs to push the envelope on success.

Our team has come up with the top 7 habits that prove to increase positive emotion, productivity, and time management; so that we can all easily apply this advice to our lives.

1. Make Your Bed Everyday – Each person that we questioned said this task without hesitation.  Doing this one action everyday serves a feeling of accomplishment that lasts throughout the rest of the day.  Not only do you get the satisfaction of completing something, you also get to go to bed to something fresh.

2. Become a Calendar Master – Making very good use of a calendar gets you ahead.  Abiding by time commitments helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prepare for what is to come.  When a calendar is used effectively, one can master more than one part of their life.  Making time to workout, spend time on working projects, date nights, friend outings, and family activities are all apart of mastering productivity.

3. Exercising Daily – You may think that you don’t have time for exercise, but the truth is, if you’re not exercising, you’re not giving your job 100%.  Staying physically active not only makes you feel better, but it releases serotonin, which gives you an euphoric feeling that can pump up your brain power.  Using that brain power towards moving along projects is always satisfying.

4. Delegates (Because You Can’t Do It All) – Let’s admit it, we all take on more than we can chew.  It is hard to say no to events, exciting projects, happy hours, and even vacation, but seriously… We can’t do it all.  Asking for help can alleviate small stresses that become triggers.  Think like a manager.  Start delegating tasks to those around you who enjoy doing that specific task.  You can save yourself time, so that you can work on things that may need your direct attention.  This also allows you to communicate with people and build on a relationship through working together.

5. Get Comfortable Talking About Money – Have you ever noticed that people who actually have money are never embarrassed to bring it up?  Being able to to talk about what you want financially opens up doors to new opportunities that you may have not had before.  Talking about these things sets expectations and let’s people know you mean business.  In turn, others will not feel nervous to talk to you about money either.  Never make the topic taboo.

6. Smooth Operator… Communication is Key – Being transparent is a critical key in being successful.  People that can communicate their way through situations essentially have it easier.  They set their expectations with others and are not intimidated to be honest.  Communication also creates strength in any relationship, giving the other person more insight onto why things may be going a certain way.  We all agree that when communication is open, less frustration comes into play.

7. Mastering Your Mentors – Receiving inspiration on a daily basis can become difficult, so lean on your mentors in these moments.  Follow their social media channels, read about their road to success, follow-up with them through e-mail, or even find an event around you that they are speaking at.  This will give you motivation to keep going.

Maintaining these actions on a daily basis will ensure your success throughout every area of business, while also leaving room for your personal self.  Successful companies need the best of each employee and the only way to get longevity out of people is to live by these rules consistently.