UpTurn Agency is home to an incredibly diverse, multi-faceted group of creative ninjas. Our team comes from many different backgrounds, communities and our culture has always been to celebrate where we come from. In honor of Women’s History Month we are featuring some of the women who have inspired us through our work this year:

Beth Ford:

Johanna Nuding: Jo is from Jayton, Texas and resides in Oakland, CA. UpTurn met Jo during 2018 New West Summit in Oakland, CA. From the beginning

Marie Holt: Marie is from Los Angeles, CA and resides in Reno, NV as UpTurn’s very own Executive Assistant. Since the beginning, Marie has inspired our executive team to dot the it’s and cross the t’s. Her drive to complete tasks and hit deadlines, makes UpTurn excel in our best practices. There hasn’t been anything that Marie hasn’t touched. From taxes to social media process, Marie has been an anchor for UpTurn Agency. She continues to inspire and motivate our team by mentoring our current