Definite ownership within your Marketing Ecosystem™ is crucial. Even if you only have 2 or 3 people make sure that someone is taking care of their own project and always encourage them to “stay in their own lane.” We have seen it time and time again, people assume that a member on their team is owning a project and meanwhile, the project at hand is the one thing that gets sacrificed.


To keep a healthy Marketing Ecosystem™ functioning at a healthy, optimum level, you must keep each other up-to-date and encourage communication through the loop. Not just in the loop! Who is doing what, where is going when and finally how is who going to do that! You must define projects, set deadlines and milestones–so every member in the Marketing Ecosystem™ has a chance to work efficiently. Simply by creating a roadmap, you have already initiated success.

OwnershipWe suggest that you take a moment for each project and define, who is doing what, how long it should take and how you will deliver those milestones or update your system accordingly based on this new “Marketing Calendar” of events. Half of the battle to running a smooth functioning relationship at any and every level is communication; in business as with life, is no different!