Carson City, NV – Elemis Corporation has no difficulty executing their diamond cut strategy, but when it comes to having enough hours in the day, UpTurn had a few tricks to ignite into their repute to save them some time. Elemis proudly gave way to TurnUp their marketing strategy to increase efficiency, expand their target market and keep up with product growth. After spending time in the think tank planning, researching and optimizing, UpTurn kicked off execution of the Marketing Ecosystem™. UpTurn and Elemis have solidified ground working on funnels including: CRM, SEO, CRO, PR, Website, Branding, Design and Social Media.

As Elemis’ brand expands, their team is focused on maintaining being ahead of the trend. From being your only FDA registered American manufacturer of superior pellet therapy trocar devices and trocar kits, to being globally recognized, Elemis has brought new innovative hormone therapy products and world-class service to the table. There’s no other way than UP for this company and UpTurn has prepared for this brand to continue to rocket triumphantly to success!

If you’re curious about their journey or want to say Happy Birthday to them on May 2nd, be sure to check them out on social below!