“We are a team of trendsetters, thinkers, creators, designers, engineers, programmers, artists, consultants and brand strategists, all with one goal in mind… to help YOUR business GROW. We are the experts in marketing, the dreamers that achieve, the musicians who have moved our souls, the geniuses that have walked on the moon, the thinkers who believed it could happen and magicians who made it happen.” – UpTurn Agency

As UpTurn Agency approaches on its 4th year in business, we wanted to take a walk down memory lane and remember where we started our small, but mighty Think Tank. In case you’re new to UpTurn, here’s our rundown.

UpTurn Agency was founded in 2016 by Amanda Holt, Sydney Martinelli and advisor | investor Kevin Petersen, in the midtown district of Reno, NV. We pride ourselves on being a world renowned and recognized Digital Marketing Agency, Branding Boutique, and home to The Marketing Ecosystem™. We offer award winning-real time solutions to our portfolio of clients in the medical, cannabis and SAAS industries. Not only are we eager to build brands, we are dedicated to helping them grow. We are a boutique provider that is growing at an exponential rate and have developed a reputation for being able to offer Bay Area Services in the Biggest Little City. Our headquarters are modest in size, but don’t judge a book by its’ cover, rather digest the content within. We are extremely organized, able to manage deadlines, and you will always see a smile on our faces because we all genuinely love what we do. We have employees, partners and independent contractors that we work with in-house, and around the globe who are experts in their fields to help us provide a world class experience for our clients and their customers.

UpTurn’s mission became to first answer our own marketing challenges, and then apply those real-time solutions to a broader based platform. UpTurn Agency became a hit after making its’ soft launch at the ICON conference in Phoenix, AZ; offering The Marketing Ecosystem™ complete solution. Leaf Detective (EVIO Labs) became our first ‘real client’ and our cannabis vertical was born. UpTurn Agency’s purpose is to provide a well-thought-out Marketing Ecosystem™ and to incorporate a systematic approach for messaging across all channels concurrently, and to recommend additional channels with growth. The foundation to every Marketing Ecosystem™ is planning, organization, execution, and management. It allows for the repurposing and customization of content for each channel, so efforts aren’t duplicated, and continuity is not lost. Content for all channels becomes integrated. The result is a streamlined, efficient distribution of content—and, ultimately, a solid foundation for building The Marketing Ecosystem™.

UpTurn Agency has grown into a progressive agency that can find creative solutions to real world questions today.

Discover more about UpTurn Agency, who we are and what we do at: www.upturnagency.com.

Photo Credit: Artist_One | Amanda Holt | #iamart