How To Grow And Thrive Positively From Failure


Every company and every person has once failed at something at some point in their life. Although as a human race, failure is in our nature, how we handle it varies from person to person.


For many they hide, run away, or shift the blame to other people. Although those are common methods, they often times don’t lead to much growth, and in fact can sour things. But some companies, and even people, can thrive massively from failure. The trick is how you approach failure.


Take Failure As A Way To Point And Laugh At Yourself


In 2011, Red Cross released a rogue tweet – an employee from the company accidentally sending that tweet on the Red Cross official page intended for her personal page. The rogue tweet was on the page for one whole hour before the social media director Wendy Harman caught it.


Instead of just deleting the tweet and covering it up, Harman deleted the tweet, but followed it up with a humorous tweet. Overall the response was accepted and the Red Cross got support from Dogfish Head who embraced the #getslizzered hashtag and used it to encourage people to donate.


Of course, there have been other fiascos that companies have stumbled in. But how we respond to situations can determine the level of growth. For more serious issues you need something more serious. This approach works best when it’s something small, whether that’s the one rogue tweet, or perhaps a poor design choice like Reese’s did once.

See Failure And Mistakes As Lessons


Some mistakes though aren’t always so small. For a company, serious mistakes can cripple a company. But for people it can crush our mindsets. Many people give up on pursuing things once things get tough or they make a mistake.


But when you see your failures and mistakes as ways to grow, then it makes mistakes actually exciting. Success is of course always welcomed, but there are many people who have a track record of growing immensely from mistakes. Here’s 33 entrepreneurs who have learned valuable life lessons from mistakes and failures.

Handle Mistakes With Grace


Another thing to keep in mind is that mistakes are unforeseen and can happen at any moment. Once more it’s natural for us to run away from our mistakes or find someone else to blame. Avoid doing that at all costs.

A company (and people) who isn’t making mistakes or isn’t failing from time to time isn’t learning or expanding. People change, and it’s important for companies to make changes and grow as well.


Instead, when mistakes occur, handle them with some grace. Another positive turnout was when Domino’s Pizza released a free pizza promo code on the Internet in 2009. Instead of outright deleting the code or making it unusable, Domino’s Pizza made 11,000 pizzas from that code.


As a result of this, many people got to experience Domino’s Pizza. It gave the company a great advantage in the fast-food industry, which is already tough to get into yet alone thrive.

Embrace Mistakes


It’s time for us to embrace mistakes and eliminate the notion that mistakes are a bad thing. They are part of our lives and in fact necessary in order for us to thrive and grow in a positive way.