Importance of Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most essential components while one starts to build your own website.  We create a website with the intention that it ranks higher in the specific domain.  This can happen only when the major search engines recognize your website to be genuine and have good inter-connection.  Basically, we are diving into the world of SEO that requires a website to have higher Domain Authority.  For this to happen, your websites need to have quality content along with good backlinks.

Important of Backlinks

We write articles with the intention to reach a wide range of audiences.  And when people read the content on the website, they trust the content is complete.  But what if the content only reached the first level of friend’s circle who ardently follows us.  But to take it to next level and reach a wider audience, we need to work on getting good backlinks.  Basically, the intention should be to get another website to refer to your website/blog in their article.  This will allow the audience referring to the other website to be driven to your website.  Eventually increasing the traffic to the website.

Another very important reason for having backlinks is to get a higher ranking and appear on the top websites.  When a person searches for something online, your website will appear in the top 10 list of websites.  This will drive the people to visit your website and read the articles written.

In the past, there was a lot of focus among people to get multiple backlinks. But instead of having backlinks from any website, it is good to get fewer backlinks from a website that ranks higher.

Good Backlinks vs Bad Backlinks

In the pretext of getting backlinks, we don’t understand between Good and Bad Backlinks.

Good backlinks come from the portal that ranks high on Domain Authority.  These portals typically have plenty of followers that look for good content.  They are easily directed towards your website and explore it further.  It helps further if the person sharing the bank linking writes articles on the same domain.

Bad backlinks are those coming from portals that rank very low in the ranking.  The search engines want to see backlinks from high-quality sites that are associated with the outbound link. If a website that is completely unrelated to your topic links to your site, it is not considered to be as valuable. In some cases, these websites could be spam and search engines penalize your websites. The search engines want to see backlinks from high-quality sites that are associated with the outbound link.

Use of Good Backlinks

If you get high-quality backlinks to your website it helps your website in getting good traffic.  Consider a person browsing a major website comes across a backlink that leads up to your portal.  If the viewers like your content, they will inform others and increases traffic organically.

Good backlinks from trustworthy websites also help crawlers discover your websites faster.  This in turn helps in indexing your websites.  It is very essential for new websites that are looking to get new visitors and also be easily discoverable.

Another important advantage of having a good backlink is the low bounce rate.  Whenever a person clicks a link from a good website, they consider your website to have equally good content.  The user ends up browsing your website in turn resulting in a low bounce rate.

It also helps a brand reach out to more people in the market.  Consider a food blogger writing information about recipes that he/she has developed. While sharing more information, they can give backlinks to a brand that supplies groceries, kitchen appliances.  Users are easily driven to click on the content and it influences their buying decision.

Acquiring Backlinks

There are multiple ways of getting good backlinks.  The first and foremost would be to add quality content that is attractive to the audience.  Looking at the engagement, other portals will want to share a link to your portal for their audiences.

You can add content related to topics like Top Five, Comparison, Tutorials, and more.  These articles easily attract an audience and other portals to give backlinks to your website.

Guests posting is another good strategy for getting good backlinks.  You will need to look out for websites sharing content in a similar domain, get a backlink for an article contributed to their portal.

Another very important strategy that is missed out by many people. It is always good to have internal links to previously written articles.  This helps a user get more information related to the topic and genuine benefit.  These users will in turn inform their friends and in turn help in increasing your website traffic.

Next Steps

Hope this article was an eye opened for people regarding the topic of backlinks.  It is very essential to get good backlinks which in turn helps in ranking your website higher and driving more traffic.  To get help in getting the right backlinks and strategies, you can visit www.upturnagency.com. The dedicated team of experts at UpTurn will systemically guide you to get good backlinks.