InfusionSoft is more than just a complicated address book where you store your LinkedIn contacts; and then maybe add a note or two that was relevant 3 months ago. This application, with execution and an open mind, possesses the skill to be a basic virtual assistant. Yes, we said it first, InfusionSoft is as great as a virtual assistant. We embarrassingly admit that it has taken almost 2 years for us to put this platform into full drive, but now that we are growing exponentially, leaning on InfusionSoft has validated itself enough for us to even invest our own clients. On a daily basis we are delivering tangibles to our clients and for our clients more effectively. The administrative support maintained by what we call InfusionSoft, “Wilma”, inherently gives UpTurn more time to do what we do best, focus on the campaign creatives.

The program started out satisfying a few of our basic needs: a fundamental customer database and a solid software for monthly newsletters. But, Wilma turned into this must-need tool that was able to set task reminders, schedule tedious lead campaigns and be reliable on the go. Much of our evolution has been because of the abilities offered and generated by InfusionSoft.

So, where are we headed with Wilma? Well… We’ve decided to certify 2 staff members as experts, then sent the rest of our team to InfusionSoft University crash courses. Giving our Empire a solid foundation of knowledge that continues to anchor simple efforts. Beyond our in-house education, our copywriters wanted to give our followers something to look forward to each month. Drum roll, please! Monthly InfusionSoft Tips!

Our tips are based on necessary action items that our InfusionSoft champions use in our Marketing Ecosystem™ campaigns. These dynamic best practices are developed for our diverse portfolio of clients; basically our process remains standardized, but our campaigns deliver original content each time. The complexity of our approach inspired us to write these navigations, so that our readers can implement real-time solutions.

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