Social media campaigns are crucial when growing your brand. You want your voice to transcend and reach your target audience. Billions of people are already using Instagram, and reaching this audience has required companies to know how to optimize Instagram. But how do you know if you are popular on and getting consistent engagement on Instagram? This article will show you some key metrics to examine when you are looking at your Instagram analytics and give some tips for leveraging those interactions to gain more engagement with your brand. After all Instagram is the voice of your brand—let’s get the word out; daily!


There are 11 metrics which can be measured doing an analytics test on your Instagram feed. These metrics incorporate everything from the number of posts you’ve created to the total percentage change in number of followers over a period of time. Statistics can be a minefield of data, so it is important to know which statistics are most relevant for the information you want to find. Since we are examining consistent engagement the four metrics to notice are: “total interactions, interactions per post, total comments, and comments per post.” These four metrics measure engagement and not just passive following of your brand.


Using these four metrics, you can determine the type of content which is building positive buzz about your brand or product line. Posts that generate a lot of conversations and shares are positively contributing to creating recognition for your brand as well as increasing your following. However, it is also important to notice when a consistent stream of negative feedback is occurring on your Instagram because not all publicity is good publicity. You have to be really discerning about what you post because the wrong content can alienate your target base. Knowing who and what you are as a brand will help you create high-end content on Instagram which enriches conversation and builds your brand.


It is also important to know how to use the right hashtags and filters to enhance your channel. The right content is important to enhance the experience of your current followers. In addition, it is important to be thinking about growing your base. The right hashtags and filters can expose your content to people who might not know about your brand. A good hashtag is short and concise. Do not use too many hashtags in one post. If you’re using location filters, this is also a good way to connect people in your local area to your brand.


Instagram is a powerful tool to connect people through visual images and a unique consumer experience. To use Instagram well, you have to understand how your brand translates pictures or video. Without the written word, you have to create eye-pleasing content which creates comments so you can engage with your supporters. Your Instagram profile does not help you if you are not creating conversation, so it is important to pay attention to each post and how it increases conversation about your brand. If your posts are not creating conversation, make some changes to try to increase engagement. With more young users moving to Instagram, it is a vital platform to master for the future. These tips for what to examine will hopefully help you start to grow your Instagram following and enrich your brand.