As you may have seen on our social stories, we’re officially expanding our roots to PDX! This quirky, yet fascinating city has been a burning topic for our executives since opening in 2016, but this year we made it happen. Don’t get us wrong, we love our headquartered home. Reno has paved a path of leadership in Marketing and Advertising, giving us a long lasting stable foundation and now we’re ready for expansion to bring creative minds together.
UpTurn’s Co-Founder and COO, Amanda Holt, mentions, “Our goal is to acquaint left coast local creative minds to achieve unique production tactics. By introducing our different experts from left coast local cities, we are able to lean on contrasting backgrounds for a diverse digital brand strategy.” By using this expansion as an avenue towards hiring innovative talent, UpTurn is expected to conquer this year’s KPI’s ahead of the projected date.
Our team cherishes all the support our followers extend to us, and we’re here to give you the real scoop on this daring move. We have officially partnered with The Art Institute of Portland and are integrating a design focused internship team! As stated above from UpTurn’s COO, our goal is to bring together fresh-cutting-edge talent that can keep up with our company culture. By putting together a team that represents a multitude of geographical locations, we are building an empire of strategy.
Our office is located downtown in Portland proper off SW Park Avenue (Ladd Tower). Our digs are often filled with local flowers from Giffords or you may even see our team having lunch off Broadway. We have already enjoyed many local activities, and are excited to see what else this weird little city has to offer our diverse pallet. UpTurn’s intention with this hub is to keep things creative, weird and motivating.
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