This is one of the most common questions that bothers a lot of people online. There are many who register on social media for sharing personal updates and look at what others are up to.  But not many know that one can make a good amount of money if you are part of social media.  To explain in simple words, brands pay people for putting up specific posts on social media.  Though it seems to be straight forward, one needs to put some effort to reach up to the stage. In this article, I will share details about how one can make money on social media.

What is Social Media?

We all know Social Media as any platform for sharing updates.  While the audience on these platforms started to swell, few people become total addicts.  These folks eat, drink, and sleep with social media.  Keeping these folks away from social media is next to impossible.  The addicts need not be contributors, they are many who feed on other updates.

People started using this as a medium to share their opinions about various events, places, and products.  People with the same interests started to create their own groups and communities.  These had a separate set of Admin, Moderator, Rules, and more.  Individuals also started to created individual Pages, Portal share updates about specific interests.  While all of this was happening, brands realized the true potential.

Brands started to create their own pages and communities.  They started to share updates about their new products with pictures and text along with the traditional media.  Slowly they started to involved individuals to advertise on their behalf.

This was the complete evolution of Social Media.

How to make ‘mula’ or money?

The principle of making ‘mula’/money anywhere remains the same, do work and get money.  One would always wonder what kind of work a person can do on social media. It might confuse many but then the answer is simple, the post that few people put up on social media fetches them money.  I will share a few ways that influencers use, to make money on social media.


This is one of the hottest and most widely used platforms by many people across the globe.  The popularity of this platform has made a big social media giant like Facebook to buy it out.  We see that people share updates as Stories, Reel, Static Post, Video Post, IGTV Post.

If we notice that many people focus on sharing updates only on a specific domain.  They categorize themselves as Food Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Tech Blogger, Fitness Blogger, Mom Blogger, and more. Brands reach out to the specific set of individuals that are popular in putting up posts in particular areas.  They pay the influencers for performing some tasks on Instagram.

  • Static Post along with Stories
  • Video Post with Stories
  • Share a reel about product
  • Share story with swipe up

They also ask individuals to use specific brand Tags and Hashtags to help brands traceback.


This is one of the most widely used social media platforms across the world.  We can find that everyone in this world, young or old has an account.  The interface for this platform is straightforward, and people find it easy to fill in the details and get started.  People use this platform to search for their old friends, college mates, colleagues, and relatives. Now to answer the burning question on how one can money on Facebook.

  • Updates on the Profile page
  • Facebook Page posts
  • Sharing updates on Groups & Communities
  • Live Updates during brand launch events
  • Video Post on Facebook


This one of the popular social media platforms that allows anyone to share concise information. At times the info shared might look small but it is very effective.  We have recently seen the impact of one wrong sentence on Twitter causing a huge uproar.  Similar to other social media platforms, one needs to create an account and start sharing feeds on specific interests on a regular basis. Your account will get to be followers and brand wants to leverage the network.   You can make money by doing the following.

  • Share a specific tweet with pictures and/or videos
  • Retweet a specific tweet to reach your audience
  • Comment on a specific tweet
  • Tag specific account and use trending hashtags


This is an online journal written and shared by individuals.  It was initially started with an intent to share a very detailed update about your area of interest.  People expressed their thoughts with free-flowing words along with pictures and videos. Its looks like an online magazine/journal.  The content is perfect for someone looking for detailed information. How do people make money by using this platform?

  • Share details review of product/place
  • Providing back-links for specific brand page
  • Enabling Ad-Sense on the blog page
  • Allow brands to advertise on your blog page

Choose Wisely

There are many ways of making money using Social Media Channels. The points suggested in this article are only the tip of the ice-berg.  There are many other means of making money that is constantly discovered by brands and influencers. Social Media platforms constantly add new features to the platform that benefit users.  While many enjoy the new features, there are many who attach a price tag for doing that activity. Finally, it’s all about being committed to the domain, share posts regularly, and engage with the audience.   The brand endorsement will soon flow following.