UpTurn Agency donates a branding campaign to Our Center for National Coming Out Day 2017!

As proud volunteers for this astoudning organization, UpTurn Agency takes time each week to contribute through donating time, money, and designs to keep OC’s doors open.  This week, we decided to put time into supporting National Coming Out Day.  Our production team drafted up an all-inclusive image and campaign that showed the event times, a panel of speakers, and inclusion of community.  The turnout of the event was successful and a massive amount of members in the community were touched by the efforts of OC to put on such a blossoming event.

National Coming Out Day is an annual holiday that gives awareness to the LBGTQ+ community and their coming out experiences.  This day gives voice to not living a life in hiding or fear.  Support is given to members of the community through business donations, family recognition, and experiences all alike during the day’s celebrations.

Cheers to National Coming Out Day and Our Center!