Starting A New Business From Home? How To Increase Website Conversions


The COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying quarantine has left nearly 15% of the United States’ population out of work. While many were laid off or furloughed and are still looking for new work, a good chunk of entrepreneurial spirits are choosing to make lemonade out of lemons and start their own business from home.


While this can be a daunting new venture since Business From Home is always challenging, there are countless online resources available to help new business owners get off on the right foot. Once you build your website (hopefully using one of the many FREE website builders available, or drag-and-drop builders like Wix.com! and allowing UpTurn to be your in-house marketing solution for this task, Picreel’s conversion rate optimization (CRO) platform can help you instantly net more leads, and ultimately sales.


New To Conversion Marketing? Start Here!


If conversion rate optimization or CRO are foreign terms to you, start here! But the concept is simple: a conversion is when a visitor to your website takes some desired action. They sign up for your newsletter, download a guide, schedule a call or demo, complete a survey, or make a purchase. YOU decide what conversions are important to help meet your business’s goals, and then optimize your website to help increase those conversions.


OK, But How Does It Actually Work?


No doubt you’ve been to websites and then seen some type of re-targeting message — possibly a sliding banner, a countdown timer, or a screen overlay. There’s an offer; a discount, download, demo, or some other valuable offering often referred to as a “lead magnet.” And in exchange, you usually provide your email address or mobile number in order to receive the goods.


Use Picreel Retargeting Offers To Increase Conversions


Picreel’s CRO platform allows you to place these targeted offers on different pages of your website to instantly capture visitors’ attention, and get them to take action. The platform comes with a huge selection of preloaded templates, making it easy to select a design that complements your website. Then simply type in your offer, specify your targeting options (such as, the offer should appear when the visitor appears to be closing the page, or after they have spent 30 seconds on a page), and hit LAUNCH!

The intuitive dashboard allows you to track individual campaigns and see which offers are working in real-time. Captured leads can even be automatically added to your CRM or email marketing tool, or downloaded to a spreadsheet so you can start reaching out to them right away.

Where To Start

We wrote this guide specifically for our agency clients who manage multiple websites, but it is an incredibly in-depth, step-by-step guide to getting started with offers. It tells you what annoys visitors (and how to avoid it!), how to identify where on your site to use offers, how to develop the offer and design the pop-up, how to use targeting, and how to split test and analyze campaign results.

1000 Free Leads? Yes, Please!

As a new business and website owner, we know you have a lot of choices when it comes to tools to help grow your business. If Picreel sounds appealing, we’d love to show you how it can work for you. Check out our video, and then start your free trial(no credit card required, and ALL features included!). Still have questions? We’ve got answers. Click the live chat or email option at the top of your screen, or call 888-891-5782.

Original article reposted from our client: Picreel