UpTurn has a known fact embedded into our company culture: we care about what our peers are doing and how they view our brand.  It is important to us to know how relevant our content is and if we are grabbing the attention of other digital marketers.  Our marketing producers are constantly looking for ways to improve our wordage and associating graphics.  We figure that if we cannot keep the attention of those around us, then why would we expect to keep the attention of those who aren’t as familiar with our industry?  The endless creative minds of our producers seek innovative outlets to inspire themselves further.  One way we have upped our game is scouting out conferences such as BrightEdge’s Share17 Conference in San Francisco.

The amount of motivated digital marketers in this one conference, forces a level of commitment when signing up.  The heat of signing up invigorates our team to have an open mind to the productive opinions of our peers.  This event is also hosted by like-minded digital marketers, who know the ins and outs of this well-saturated business.  Attending an event like this isn’t for the light hearted either.  Open discussions and live commentary give this conference major points for giving each brand the hard, but beneficial truth.  7 major years of presenting current marketing optimization is enough for UpTurn to trust this conference yearly.

Be apart of this progressive day conference to further your brand awareness!

September 21, 2017