This month we kick-off Picreel’s #FreeLeadsForAYear Contest! UpTurn is working with Picreel to help showcase their customer success growth rate. It has been insane to see the stats we are seeing for Picreel, since implementing their Marketing Ecosystem™ we have seen every single channel touched grow…up to 10 fold! We believe this successful product has the potential to not only grow as a brand, but as a tool in your own Marketing Ecosystem™. Picreel is a powerful CRO software that every website or brand online could benefit from.


So, they have decided to promote an external contest–open to the public, no purchase necessary. We encourage all of our clients, friends and collegues to enter this contest. It is simple, all you need to do is go to www.picreel.com and sign up for one free month of Picreel, you will automatically be entered in the contest once you sign up! Picreel wanted to offer even more back to their clients, so their current clients automatically be entered into the contest also. UpTurn will be promoting this contest via social media: Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well; with a runner-up contest of one free additional month of Picreel. It is simple to be considered for runner-up, all you have to do is follow Picreel on social media, share their posts and comment on their feeds. Be sure to use the hashtag #FreeLeadsForAYear to increase your odds of winning!


Why on earth would you not want Picreel on your website? Check out the podcast we produced for Picreel have identified for a brand that has been using Picreel, to gather leads. The conversion rates in example after, example has been consistent, Picreel has a simple formula for success. If you are interested in implementing your own Marketing Ecosystem™ or simply want a tool from our arsenal of success, if you are curious to see your marketing metrics grow…you are in the market for an UpTurn!

More Leads + Higher Conversions = Sales.