web-trafficWe are all guilty of it. Spending countless hours, efforts and even cash at times–chasing google to increase web traffic. We have all become a slave to a search engine and it is only ONE of many. We get it! We still have to use Google for our SEO efforts, but, we have found many other outlets to drive eyes to a website, brand or product. Ultimately, you are looking for people to look at your brand and really find a resonating image, idea, or product that they feel comfortable enough with to allow into their home, onto their person or finally into their lives. You are looking to become apart of people’s everyday lives. The only way this can happen is by getting noticed, being seen and finally offering something in exchange for their time, funds or efforts of supporting your brand. What you choose to say to your audience once you finally gain their attention will also make or break your voice, help you or hinder you from having a sale. At UpTurn we provide proven methods for gaining brand exposure.

Through tested marketing efforts we have seen that it doesn’t really matter how someone stumbles onto you, your brand or your product.

What matters is the presentation of that brand once they finally do stumble upon it.

What will they remember? Will it be the voice of your brand, will it stay with them visually? Will they finally commit and join you, by becoming what we call a brand advocate; somebody who not only buys from your brand, but someone who will speak about their purchases with others and ultimately become the word of mouth influencers for you.

This is ALWAYS the goal, it is great to finally initiate a sale, after figuring out exactly what formula works to get eyes on your brand, but the follow through of that sale is really where you can make your moments count.


People believe that each dollar they spend on your product, or brand is something that is of value. The truth is that people work their lives in exchange for that cash, we trade hours of our mind and time for our wages earned; the last thing you want to do is lead people to believe that their time is NOT of value. Essentially, every customer should be treated as if it were your first, or your last. If this is the only person who is speaking to others about you, your brand or your products–you want to be sure that person has had a worthy of bragging experience with your brand.


The truth is once they finally have made the commitment to purchase, it is your job to be sure that they are satisfied, that satisfaction will provide a positive voice of influence among EVERY single customer/influencer. We have seen it time and time again, people blow their budgets on advertising, hoping that others will be able to satisfy their clients, the truth is, YOUR client simply wants your time. They have invested their time, energy and efforts into you, the least you can do is provide the same back to them. Applying this thought methodology to every person who comes in contact with your brand is going to be the key to your success, regardless of whether or not you have one person looking at your site or millions.

Silhoette Point

If your brand has grown to the point of millions, you will need to train an entire team of professionals who speak as the authority of the brand–your sales people must be treated with the respect they deserve as well, they are ultimately your pioneers towards a successful brand colonization. 

The truth is that people always have the option to go with another product, make that decision for them. Make them want YOU, not your product, by the time you ask for the sale; they will be asking you how they can promote you to their friends. At this point, you have realized that every person counts, you stop counting on the sale and people start to count on you. Your product, or brand is just an extension of this person, which by this point your customer/influencer should trust enough to not only by in–but, to come back and this time bring their family members. If you have done your job correctly and follow the same formula with each person, you will be surprised the shift you will see.

Create your relationship with your audience–not Google!


Google IS NOT able to purchase you and take you home to brag to all of their friends about the fabulous experience they just had.


Presentation and communication are the keys to success!  

Make the customer your priority and watch how the customer will make your brand theirs!