Operating in a Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm work schedule is not the future of current progressive masterminds.  The ideal of having weekends off is just that… An ideal.  In particular, Sundays have commonly been known as the week’s observance day, giving families internet-free dinners and phone-free conversations.  This sublime day has its reputation of being filled with vacation and sunshine, giving weekday employees a chance to commit to personal time.  As progressives have started to overtake the art of multi-tasking, ambition towards getting things done is becoming apart of a normal weekend routine.

The guarantee of 2 days without work communication is slowly easing.  The anticipation of Monday is creeping its way into the hours of Sunday.  More than ever website updates, IT problems and the dreadful employee questions are stacking up in every inbox.  Since most Mondays are overtaken with answering these endless e-mails, Sunday evening is
becoming reserved for administrative duties.  Running into Monday without the slightest idea of what happened over the weekend has put many executives at extremes with their partners.  Even business deals have turned into Sunday working lunches on the green.  The healthy paranoia of maintaining a sense of urgency is contributing to Sunday work hours, but hey… At least when Monday morning rolls around, being prepared for the week becomes an understatement.  Making personal time for family, friends and volunteering will forever be a must, but managing the time to fit it all in, gives Sunday the title as the new Monday.