By Landon Donovan
December 19, 2017 in PICREEL

Tips For Increasing Ecommerce Sales & Getting More Leads — TODAY

As the online holiday shopping season starts winding down, the new year is a great time to evaluate your ecommerce site for ways that you can boost lead generation and increase sales. Today’s post takes a look at some of the big-picture strategies to help your brand stand apart from competitors and ultimately increase sales, as well as some quick-hit tips for acquiring more leads from existing traffic — starting today.

Here’s how to get started.

The Sale Is More Than A Destination

The number one goal for all ecommerce sites is a no-brainer: sales. Always, “how can we get more sales?” While there are strategies that can produce a short-term boost in sales , savvy marketers know that the secret to long-term growth requires a holistic approach before, during, and after a visitor’s time on your website.

  • Before – Do your homework. What are your competitors doing that you aren’t? What do customers expect that you’re not offering? Review your pricing, shipping fees, return policy, customer service experience, and your stance on reviews, to see where you can improve. Also, take the time to conduct an audit to identify where you can implement CRO strategies on your site to leverage existing content and traffic to increase sales. Finally, consider boosting your organic marketing efforts with paid advertising like Google Adwords and social media sponsored posts.
  • During – Use a conversion rate optimization tool like Picreel to serve targeted popup offers right when prospects are on your website. If your end goal is to increase sales, use popups to offer a discount if a shopper goes to leave with an item in their shopping cart; or to make product recommendations and provide special offers if the shopper is browsing certain products. The goal is to get products in the cart, and to get that transaction over the finish line, so your popups should be strategically targeted to catch shoppers at the right time, with the right offer.
  • During – Not all shoppers complete their transaction the first time on your site. In fact, 70% of online shoppers browse products and add them to their cart without completing the checkout process. If you managed to capture these shoppers’ email addresses, you can follow-up with an email reminding them that they left items in their cart, perhaps including an incentive to complete their purchase. If not, consider employing retargeting, which uses cookie tracking to follow your site visitors around the web and show them ads featuring the products they browsed on your website.

Learn more about using these strategies to increase your ecommerce sales here.

5 Ways To Get More Leads TODAY

While you’re fine-tuning your sales strategies in the background, there are several easy ways you can start getting more leads right now.

  1. Collect Emails – All the time and money spent driving traffic to your website if for naught if you don’t capture emails to connect with those visitors in the future. Invest in lead generation software to help with strategic placement of forms throughout your site.
  2. Promote Your 1-800 Number – But make sure processes and resources are in place to handle support calls and provide an exceptional customer service.
  3. Encourage Referrals – If you provide a great experience, encourage your customers to tell a friend. Offer incentives to both parties, enjoy free word-of-mouth marketing, and grow your database effortlessly.
  4. Use Popups – In addition to boosting sales while shoppers are on your site, popups are an incredibly effective way to build lists when used properly. The key is strategically placing the popup to catch visitors at the right time, and offering something valuable in exchange for their email address.
  5. Leverage Behavioral Targeting – Lead gen software that offers behavioral targeting goes a step beyond popups to track visitors’ activity on your website and display an email signup form at precisely the right moment.

Learn more about these 5 lead generation strategies and see examples of brands using them effectively here.

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