Top 5 Ways To Increase eCommerce Sales

The eCommerce sector is booming, with nearly 80% of US adults making online purchases and 15% doing so on a weekly basis. In 2015, Americans spent roughly $350 billion online, with eCommerce sales making up nearly 10% of all retail sales. Needless to say, competition is fierce as online brands struggle to stand out and attract and convert web traffic. And unless you’re Amazon, finding new and effective ways to increase eCommerce sales is a high priority.

Here are 5 ways to do just that.

#1 – Offer Competitive Pricing

Whether you’re an exclusive brand that manufactures your own goods, or you’re a reseller of known brand names, finding your pricing sweet spot is critical to success. According to the Pew Research Center, 86% of Americans say that being able to compare pricing from multiple online sellers is important, with the winner being the best seller with the best price.

#2 – Offer Unbiased Reviews

Allowing customers to post honest reviews about your products helps instill confidence in future purchasers. In fact, 82% of consumers consult online reviews and ratings when buying something for the first time. Roughly half under the age of 50 nearly always check reviews before they buy.

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Unfortunately, some unscrupulous sites take advantage of the power of reviews by publishing fake reviews or incentivizing customers to write shining reviews. Savvy consumers are distrustful of sites that boast nothing by 5-star reviews, so embracing unbiased reviews – the good, the bad, and the ugly – shows consumers that you believe in providing helpful, unbiased reviews.

#3 – Incorporate Paid Advertising

The bottom line is that unless you’re a well-known brand that consumers search for by name, you need a marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your site. When done right, paid advertising – such as Google Adwords pay-per-click campaigns and social media ads – can be a highly effective strategy to get your eCommerce site in front of consumers that are already searching for products like yours.

#4 – Setup Retargeting On Your Site

Retargeting, or remarketing, works by showing ads to visitors that have poked around on your website but have taken no action. Retargeting campaigns show a user ads in social media or web browsers; they can be general ads for your brand, or they can be very granular, showing products that a visitor has viewed or abandoned in their shopping cart. Ads can even be used to offer discounts to return to your site and complete a transaction.

#5 – Use Exit Popup Offers

Where retargeting focuses on visitors that have already left your site, a conversion tool using exit popups can be an incredibly effective way to keep visitors on your site longer and encourage them to take a specific action. Picreel is one such tool that uses advanced cursor tracking technology to follow site visitors’ activity to serve up targeted offers at precisely the right time. Using conditional statements, you have very granular control over who sees what offers and when. This is ideal for capturing visitors that have spent time comparing products and even for countering shopping cart abandonment and turning visitors into buyers.

For example, after viewing a product, if a site visitor moves their cursor to leave your site, a Picreel overlay can popup asking if they’re still interested in said product and offering something valuable in exchange for an email address. While a discount code is an obvious – and popular – choice for eCommerce sites, for consumers who aren’t ready to make a purchase yet, a case study or related blog post might fit the bill (i.e. after viewing multiple pairs of hiking books and planning to leave the site, an exit popup offering a free download, “A Guide to Buying Hiking Boots Online”).

Likewise, if a visitor actually goes so far as to put a couple pair of hiking boots in their shopping cart, then abandons it, a more aggressive overlay may popup with a tantalizing offer such as, “Take 20% off your first purchase!” Not only do these tactics boost conversion and increase eCommerce sales, but by requiring an email address in exchange, you’re growing your list for future email marketing campaigns.

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