Without giving away our treasured secrets, UpTurn has decided to list out how we’ve managed to retain our loyal clients.  We have been receiving numerous messages asking for tips on methods related to our customer relationships and personal customer outreach.  Read below for a few of our insights.

UpTurn’s methods have derived from the widely known mantras of “giving great customer service” and “dedicated to growth” through each outlet.  Our channels have been taken to the next level by exemplifying these mottos into a customer-centric strategy.  A customer-centric strategy means that a company is giving their clients a positive experience from interception until even after the sale has been finalized.  This encourages clients to become repeat customers, ultimately increasing an overall company loyalty program.  This is a straight shoot to increasing profits.  We have simply put together an “after-care” program that targets our paid clients with promotions, extra tools and personal meeting times.  From there we take our time to re-get to know our clients’ current needs and gaps. Putting these customers back onto the front burner has proven to strengthen our connection and profits.

Implementing this funnel of The Marketing Ecosystem™ has saved UpTurn countless hours in generating new leads and interest from investors.  Time is important and in the digital industry, investing time into clients builds that desired reputation of strong communication.  Bonuses for this company-style is being able to fully grow a company as a whole by filling the gaps in their marketing funnels.  Plus, we like people and getting to know our clients is partly why we love our jobs.

Customer service and growth is the bottom line.  As many before us have learned, you cannot have success without communication.  Giving clients a personal touch from their first interaction onwards, ensures sales.  It is as simple as that.