Watch For These 4 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

With ever-evolving technology, search engine algorithms, and consumer preferences, it’s critical to stay on the cutting-edge of digital marketing trends. If you’re looking to infuse your digital marketing plan with some new strategies, here are four trends to watch for in 2021.

Video Content

YouTube is the world’s second-most visited website after Google, and people around the world watch more than two billion hours of YouTube videos every day. It’s also the second-most used social platform behind Facebook. There is absolutely no denying the popularity of video content, and it’s an essential tool for any business. 

In the current business environment, video content is even more important for keeping in touch with customers and prospects. In addition to using video for traditional marketing and informational purposes, now is a great time to expand into more personal content that showcases how your employees are working – from home or in the office – and how you’re taking the health of your customers seriously. It’s also a great time to get creative (and maybe a little silly!) and use video to help entertain and de-stress your customers. 


Conversational AI has been ramping up for some years now, but the technology is now advanced enough that businesses are using chatbots to automate many routine tasks — such as looking up order information, making appointments, troubleshooting devices, taking surveys, collecting information, and pre-screening site visitors. And many times, people don’t even realize they’re “chatting” with a robot! 

Like video content, 2021 is a great year to take the plunge and invest in chatbots, especially for businesses still struggling amid the pandemic and operating with reduced staff or budgets. However, always keep in mind that chatbots are robots, and AI isn’t perfect. They can only carry on a “human” conversation to a certain degree. Chatbots are a technological tool with limitations, and nothing should completely replace personal service when a customer needs it. 

Adjacent Search For SEO

Gone are the days of optimizing your website or individual pages for one or two specific keywords. We now know a lot more about people’s search behavior, and with today’s advanced keyword research tools, we can find related search terms to help us understand the many similar ways something might be asked.

For example, if you created a downloadable guide to local SEO, you might optimize the landing page for adjacent terms, such as checklist, tips, guide, plan, strategy, or how-to as these terms relate to local SEO. Advanced algorithms and search technology also make it easier for search engines like Google to recognize user intent and match it with results that contain adjacent terms of the query. 

Smart Ad Bidding

Smart bidding uses machine learning to take the guesswork out of setting up Google Ad campaigns. It’s ideal for busy marketers or business owners who don’t have the time to manually configure campaigns, but it’s also great for beginners without a depth of knowledge about paid advertising.

It allows you to set target goals for conversions or conversion values, and then your campaigns are automatically and continually tweaked in order to meet your goals. Advanced machine learning uses contextual signals, like time, location, device, ad characteristics, and others to personalize the ad experience and further boost conversions. 

As we put 2020 behind us and start planning for a stellar year, the UpWork Agency team is excited to help our clients boost their digital marketing strategy with some of these new trends. Interested in seeing how we can help convert more of your online traffic and grow your business? We’d love to chat! Contact us at hello@upturnagency.com