So, we’ve decided to go on this trip, right? Only it’s not your average week-long vacation to a relaxing destination with the premise of whisking away life’s every day worries. Instead, we’ve concluded it’d be better to put our current “lives” on hold for a bit and go out in search of something new.
New sights, new sounds and new smells. New connections, new bonds and new friends. New mornings, new afternoons and new evenings, all in new locations.
We’re On The Road! And that is exactly how Where On The Road!?! got it’s beginning. As a family, myself, Ronnie; my wife, Pamela; and our middle-school aged daughter, Lilliah decided we were ready for something more. Something different from the norm… from both our norm and the normal expectations of an average person or family in our day and age.
We’ll be all over the place and look forward to seeing friends and family along the way. Seriously, we’re talking a year here.. and twice the average mileage put on a car in that time. We have our route planned and calendared out. We will be reaching out on an individual basis, in hopes of connecting and invite you all to feel free to do the same.
Hit us up! We’d love to know where you’re at, how you’re doing and see if we can run into ya at some point. We’d appreciate insight, suggestions and ideas of amazing places to see. More importantly, we’d like to share our experiences with you along the way.
This should be fun!

Where On The Road?
#whereontheroad with Chevrolet
5 of us in our Winnebago
Outfitted in Thule
Powered by UpTurn Agency
30,000 miles in 365 days
Starting from #Truckee #California