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Marketing for the next millennium

We're here to push the limits of your custom tailored Marketing Ecosystem ™ to grow your business where you want to go and beyond!
Make UpTurn The Nucleus of Your Success

Some companies focus on building a product and selling it. At UpTurn, OUR PRODUCT IS OUR EXPERTISE in marketing, advertising, pr, media, selling, and systematizing technology. We build and recommend tools that help your team acquire and nurture customers. Ultimately, we can build your successful ‪‎Marketing Ecosystem™‬ from the ground up. We have a reputable portfolio of clients, the ability to white label, designer marketing products; while accelerating your financial growth. If you own a business and want to see your marketing metrics grow... you‬ are in the market for an UpTurn!

  • Motivated

    Able to deliver and test proven methods and produce successful, measurable results

  • Innovative

    We not only think outside of the box, we have learned how to create and recreate

  • Technical

    Practiced and practical problem solving, offering cutting edge insight consistently

  • Efficient

    We are technically intuitive while being inquisitive and able to problem solve

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Our Team

UpTurn Agency is operating out of our headquarters in Reno, NV USA. We engage employees, contractors and freelancers from around the globe, we invite you to discover more about our core team
Kevin Petersen
Kevin Petersen
Founder and CEO
Serial Entrepreneur and Marketing guru with 20+ years experience Consultant to many Fortune 500 companies and leaders.
Amanda Holt
Amanda Holt
Visual Director and COO
15+ years experience in design and marketing. Extremely passionate for the arts and technology and the integration of these two disciplines
Sydney Martinelli
Sydney Martinelli
Media Director and CFO
10+ years experience in administrative assistance, sales and service. Consistency in providing exceptional service to many clients nationwide and abroad.
Mike Schulze
Mike Schulze
Sales Director
I have enjoyed tremendous success in sales for over two decades at every company I’ve worked for. It cannot be understated how important customer service factors into the ability to close and I feel exceedingly confident in my abilities to deliver both consistently.
Tara Geissenger
Tara Geissenger
Marketing Consultant
12+ years working behind the scenes as a secret weapon for inbound marketing firms, web designers and SEO agencies — enjoying a front-row seat as the industry evolved to where it is today.
Todd Rosenberg
Todd Rosenberg
A/V Consultant
One of the founding members of the Mad Caddies and an audio/video genius. He has 30+ years experience in sound engineering and percussion.
Christine O’Kelly
Christine O’Kelly
Marketing Consultant
I work with businesses to drive targeted, qualified traffic to their websites though creative, multi-faceted content marketing and SEO campaigns — and to convert more of those visitors into loyal, high ROI customers while establish the brand’s position as an industry though leader.
Chadd Rosenberg
Chadd Rosenberg
He is the author of Get Connected: The Social Networking Toolkit for Business and has served as an independent contractor with public relations companies and their clients.
Eva Mautner
Eva Mautner
Content Artist
30+ years related experience and has a passion for creating art, jewelry and unique products. World renowned and known for her incredible greeting card series. Her work is featured on many websites.
Pradeep Padanthaya
Pradeep Padanthaya
IT & Technology Expert
Passionate technologist with about 18 years of experience designing,building and managing web applications using all cutting edge technologies.


Our clients are at the core of who we are and what we can offer; we can grow your Marketing Ecosystem™ so you can join our arsenal of success!

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We welcome you to discover our 4 popular packages, each package can be custom tailored to inspire your business growth

Lead Generation

Increase awareness for your brand

Gain Brand

  • 1 Premium Press Release Distribution to 1500+ media outlets
  • 5 Syndicated Blog Posts
  • Social Media Management
  • 3 Banner Ads
  • 2 Blog Posts
  • CRO Platform Implementation
  • Drive Metrics/Analytics
  • Editorial Content Calendar
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Support Team
  • Audience Creation

Increased Sales

Optimize your business

Increase Your

  • 1 upgraded press release with animation/motion graphics
  • CRO implementation, analysis and commentary
  • SEO implementation, analysis and commentary
  • Implement Affiliate Program
  • Contest Creation
  • Monthly Strategy Call
  • Audience Creation
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Support Team
  • Drive Metrics/Analytics
  • Editorial Content Calendar

Social Media/Content

Boost your brand online

Get Connected

  • 15 blog posts advertising your product or brand
  • 5 banner ads
  • 4 new pieces of blog content
  • CRO Platform Implementation
  • Monthly Strategy Call
  • Drive Metrics/Analytics
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Quality Assurance and User Testing
  • PPC Campaign
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Support Team

Special Promotions

Gain community awareness

Be Seen

  • 1 monthly podcast episode (10 minutes max)
  • Full Brand and Online Reputation Review
  • Live Demo Support
  • Trade Show Asset Creation
  • Lead Management
  • 1 Premium Press Release Distributed to 1500+ media outlets
  • Animation/Motion Graphics
  • Promotional Tools
  • Graphic Design
  • Website


Single Service Package

We Create

  • Press Releases
  • Banner Ads
  • Branding
  • Powerpoint/Keynote Presentations
  • Legal Documents
  • Animation/Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers

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